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Technological Innovation has a real value only if it keeps pace with Social Innovation: we already have all the knowledge to promote the progress of Humanity, but only a New Evolutionary Paradigm will allow the New Generations to understand, create and live a better future. This will be characterized by an Equal Distribution of Resources, the universal improvement of the Quality of Life, free access to Knowledge, and the Universal Right to pursue one’s own happiness and purpose.

We aim at becoming the reference brand of the Transformation Economy, with the introduction of new access models for advanced Immersive Technologies. We strive to craft meaningful immersive experiences, and our ultimate goal is to create an international network of Experiential Parks.

We will provide substantial contributions to the expansion of the Industry as a whole, and to the deployment of XR technologies as a mean to transform society and bring about a renewed discovery of what defines our Humanity.

We are a multidisciplinary powerhouse of Digital Humanists, composed by both experienced veterans and young enthusiasts coming from fields as diverse as Immersive Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neurosciences and Visual Arts. We are devoted to the creation of original Intellectual Properties for Location-Based Virtual Reality Entertainment (LBVRE) and Immersive Serious Games.matched betting explained in simple terms

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